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The Crosses

Inlayed Crosses*
New Telavera
Longhorn Skulls
Beveled Crosses*
Complete Beaded Crosses*
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Stacked Beaded Crosses*
Cross on Stand
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Bowtie Crosses*
Abstract Crosses*

Welcome to Crosses of Comfort. 

We are Artisans of beautiful hand crafted Crosses, offering astute retailers a wide array of stunning Crosses. 

These Crosses are made by Louis Jackson Sr, and son Louis Jr.  Louis Sr. age 85, recently came out of retirement to join his son in creating beautiful Crosses of wood and glass.  Each creation is carefully and uniquely created by father and son. 

From large wood inlayed pieces to small beaded wooden crosses no two are exactly alike making every purchase a true work of art. 

We invite you to view the creations of Louis Jackson and Crosses of Comfort.  Call or email us to learn more about these artworks and place your order.

NEWS Spring / Summer! Watch for our new line of Crosses. Already available our Telavera line of Crosses and Skulls

Online Sales Questions and Help - Call Linda Cook 830-431-0989 or email linda@crossesofcomfort.com

Everything began on the Cross and will end on the Cross
Made in USA

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